What is new in Bahria Town Lahore apartments?

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Bahria Town Lahore apartments

Apartment living is trendy in Pakistan. It has increased by 28 percent in major cities of Pakistan. Therefore, investors are putting their money into Bahria Town Lahore apartments.

Bahria Town Lahore apartments


Location describes a property. The price and rental value of an apartment depend on its location. Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders choose special locations for their apartment buildings. Compare the location of apartments and Bahria Town homes for sale before buying a unit! You would feel the difference.


  • You may opt for an apartment-facing park.
  • A corner apartment brings you more money.
  • Eiffel Tower-facing apartments are really cozy.
  • Boulevard facing is yet another location.


Try to estimate the distance of the location from all major landmarks of the town. Mosques, hospitals, schools, and playgrounds, everything is a basic need. See how far the commercial markets are!

Bahria Town apartments


The quality of construction makes Bahria Town apartments more lovable as compared to Bahria Town Lahore homes for sale. Ali Saqlain Estate uses firsthand building materials. The strong structure increases the life of an apartment. Indeed, the beauty of buildings is also important. These apartments offer a larger layout for more spaces.


  • Top bricks and blocks
  • A fresh batch of cement and adhesives
  • Quality wood, glass, and metal
  • Agreed size of aggregate
  • Sectional fitting of kitchen
  • Luxury bathroom fixtures

Bahria Town apartments


Fine finishing of the apartment is perhaps the most important thing. A perfect apartment actually gives you an extra feel. You feel stylish. Rough tops and uneven corners present oddness.


  • Creative fixation of the mosaic is important.
  • Fine ends improve the outlook.
  • Creative woodwork and glasswork add value.
  • The attractive design of the ceiling matters.
  • It is good to look for a color consultant.

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