Top Picks for Winter Tour Pakistan 2018

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The time for recreation and to experience something really exciting and thrilling has finally arrived!

Winter season is the all-time favorite season of Pakistani people as they have already gone through the hectic and tiring Summer season and all they want now is to go to a place where they can refresh their minds and feel themselves close to the beauty of nature. Pakistan is a country that is abundant in tourist spots and there is no time when you’d not see any tourist coming to Pakistan just to have a look at the natural beauty it possesses.

Real estate industry has gained an immense popularity in Pakistan with the passage of time. There are many popular housing societies in Pakistan that are well-known for offering top-class amenities, such as Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Town Lahore, Fazaaia Housing Society, and many others. Other than these man-made societies, Pakistan is already blessed with too much beauty of Nature. While people continue to plan out spending their time in northern areas of Pakistan in winter, the fact that there are many areas that you might find closed due to adverse weather conditions there. Before you decide to spend your winter season in any of the best places of Pakistan, try doing some research on the road and weather conditions of that area.

Below we have assembled some of the best picks for winter season 2018 in Pakistan.

  1. Chitral

The reason why Chitral is at the top of the picks is simple: it’s accessible throughout the year, so you don’t have to suffer whenever there is any climate change. It’s a worth-seeing place and is specifically for those who are adventure-lovers. The hiking trails to Snow Leopard and elusive Markhor are also a great option. For adding more fun to your visit, it’s always recommended to hire an expert guide. You are also going to find various spots where skiing opportunity is available as snowfall in this area is dense. Another exciting thing about Chitral is the annual Kalash festival that is specifically held in winter as is now made accessible to the tourists as well. The previously blocked areas of Kalash Valley are also open now, so you can easily watch the festival now.

  1. Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Desert is one of the most visited places of Pakistan in winter and is located at a mere distance of 30 km. You can even stay in Bahawalpur and plan your few days trip to the preferred spots in the desert. You are also going to discover areas such as the ancient city of Uch and the Derawar fort nearby. These areas boast of the ancient architecture. The ancient shrine of Bibi Jawindi is also another attraction, that was built by an Iranian prince back in 1493. Living here, you can go for a camel ride, camping and have dinner in the beautiful night sky of the desert.

  1. Pir Sohawa

If you don’t have enough time for a weekly plan and can spare only one to two days, Pir Sohawa is the best choice that is well-equipped with the basic facilities of Islamabad. The area is well-surrounded by places like Monal and a number of hiking trails. It’s therefore one of the most sought-after and preferred tourist destinations in Pakistan.

So why waste time? Pack up your bags and some good warm clothes and get ready to spend some awesome time this winter with your family and friends!

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