Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-friendly

Pakistan is a country where we have witnessed a significant improvement in real estate trends within a short tenure. People have started enjoying living in comfortable spaces and real estate awareness has enormously uplifted. They are now aware of contributing towards a more sustainable and healthier environment. You can even get recommendations from your property consultants regarding this matter.

Below are mentioned top 5 ways of making your home eco-friendly:

Get Serious about Water

Save water! It’s important. Sustainability doesn’t only apply on energy-consumption only. It is a broad term. You need to be serious about saving water first. Spare some time to fix out all the areas in your house that result in water leakage. If there are no leaks, still you can make a lot of changes in your routine to save water. On your own behalf, you should make sure that you don’t run the tap while brushing or shaving. Installing a low-flow shower-head can save you lots of water every day!

Install Smart Meter & Solar Panels

Heating is one of the largest sources of using energy. During winter, there are cases when you strictly need heat and have to leave it on for some time. This leads towards wasting both money and energy. Get a smart meter installed in your house to avoid this problem. These meters are smartly programmed to turn themselves on during certain times in a day. For example, it turns on at a certain time before you get home, and shuts off at a certain time before you leave. Smart meters are thus a perfect way for decreasing bills.

Similarly, solar panels are the must-to-have features of any eco-home. These panels provide you with clean electricity and even make energy to ley you send some back to the grid. These are a long-term investment option and one of the best opportunities to be eco-friendly.

Use energy efficient light bulbs & natural cleaning products

This is an older application for energy-saving perspective, but really a beneficial one. It has taken a lot of time for people to realize the importance of energy-saving bulbs, that not only consumer lesser electricity, but also last longer. Therefore, you don’t need much money in replacing them.

Cleaning any surface using harmful chemicals is the worst thing you can do to your environment. When you wash it away, you are indirectly sending it towards the water supply and water will thus take more time in purifying before it’s safe to use again. In majority of cases, you don’t need chemicals and there are many natural products that work as alternatives for such chemicals. These include vinegar, soda bicarbonate and citric acid that come directly from fruits.


There are many smart ways of ensuring your home’s eco-friendliness. One of the most popular ways is insulation, that ensures you consume the least energy. Invest in insulation if you really want to contribute towards an eco-friendly environment. Good insultation helps in withholding the heat, that means you actually don’t need to burn energy all the time for reheating home. You can insulate plenty of things including roof and walls. If you don’t have insulation, double glazing the windows can do the same job for you.

Don’t waste leftovers

Never waste your kitchen scraps. You can recycle them by turning into compost. Create a bin for this purpose and fill it with leftovers.

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