Top 3 Property Consultancy Mistakes

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Owning any residential or commercial property for sale? You might be confused in choosing the right property agent who can help you out in the overall property buying and selling mechanism and help you find the right buyers. Locating and approaching a nearby property consultant is easy. There are many questions that might arise in your mind, such as will he perform the job successfully in the shortest span of time and within your budget range.

Most of us have never met any property consultant before and this might be the first time you’d get a chance to interact with any property consultant. When choosing a property consultant, you need to avoid a number of mistakes such as:

  1. Choosing the Property Consultant Who Offers Low Commission

The next step when you have decided to sell your residential or commercial property for sale is interviewing a number of property consultants and deciding which one to hire. There are many candidates who try to win the competition by lowering their commission but do not hold much knowledge regarding real estate.

What you need to understand here is that reduced commission results in reduced marketing sources and the tools of such a property agent would be less-performing than what a full-commission agent would be offering as a part of his marketing strategy.

However, you would be curious about why property consultants decide to lower their commission and how good he’d be at the time of price negotiation of the property.

  1. Choosing the property consultant with relatively higher prices

It’s always a misconception in people that the higher the prices, the better the things would be. When it comes to property consultants, it’s totally a different thing. The first few weeks of property marketing are always crucial and when the asking price is kept too high, people are not going to take interest in your property. Banks also find trouble in valuing the overpriced property during its appraisal. One must be tempted to choose the property consultant who suggested marketing of your residential or commercial property for sale at a relatively higher price. Try choosing the agent who is familiar with the marketing features of your property. Try to have a look at the recent sales of homes in your area. This will give you a better and more realistic expectation regarding the sale price of your residential or commercial property for sale.

  1. Choosing the property consultant with maximum number of sales or giving important to those who are family

Another factor that might lead to temptation of hiring a property consultant is to have a look at the overall number of sales. The agent who has sold the maximum number of properties would be your choice. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings in hiring a property consultant and you might neglect the better ones.

When it comes to business, things should be very professional. It’s a better approach not to hire any one from your family as this might lead to confusions and disputes when it comes to negotiation and pricing. However, this doesn’t mean to say that you should never hire any property consultant from your family. Marketing your home should be a solely fair process with interested agents and you should be extremely careful in this regard.

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