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In registering with the website, you (User) understand, declare, testify, admit and authorize that:

  1. All the terms and conditions contained herein are lawfully applicable to the users of Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders (company) website and are equally implementable on those who register themselves with the company website and Mobile App.All the intellectual property rights of the content, messages, images, videos and other data stay with Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders.
  2. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders can store your personal information. The personal information may pertain to your name, age, ethnicity, religion, profession, contact numbers, addresses and others.
  3. This is a real estate marketing platform and a property portal as well, wholly owned by Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders.
  4. Ali Saqlain can send you newsletters, marketing emails and product portfolio from time to time; hence, authorizing Ali Saqlain to subscribe you for the same.
  5. You will not upload or try to upload illegal and offensive material on the website. All the indecent, sexually explicit and manipulating attempts on the website will be declared as cybercrime.
  6. Registering for company’s website will make you entering to all the competent clauses of website’s privacy policy, standard operating procedures and code of conduct.
  7. Registration for the website is equivalent to sign “statement of ethics” held with and constituted by Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders from time to time.
  8. You have provided your accurate personal information while registering for the website, and any misinformation can hold you answerable.
  9. Ali Saqlain retains authority to delete, suspend or terminate any of the accounts on its website without any notice to the user or registrant.
  10. You have entered into competent age bracket of at least eighteen years.
  11. Ali Saqlain partakes complete and competent right to refuse your registration or property listings due to unfavorable circumstances.
  12. Ali Saqlain will not disclose your sensitive information to a third party.
  13. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders is authorized to send you cookies for identifying your computer and its behaviour and ultimately improve user experience on company’s website.
  14. Ali Saqlain’s website can invite you to send comments on it from time to time.
  15. You will not copy or use website’s material without prior permission of the competent authority from Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders.
  16. You will protect the website by not using any automated programs and software on company’s website.
  17. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders is not responsible of your attempt to misuse the website.
  18. You grant irretrievable and royalty-free rights to Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders to use, reproduce, display and edit the material therein.
  19. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders does not assume any responsibility regarding your indirect, inferential or financial loss.
  20. Ali Saqlain does not testify that all the information on the website is accurate and correct.
  21. If any clause of this Contract or portion thereof will be annulled, it will be deleted and the remaining conditions will apply in their full identity.
    Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders preserves the right to allocate or subcontract any or all of its rights and obligations under this contract.
  22. You cannot transfer your rights and obligations of using or registering for the website, under any circumstances, under the said contract with competent terms and conditions.
  23. This agreement containing terms of using and registering for the website will be strictly governed by Pakistan’s competent laws.

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