Bahria Town Karachi rates

Bahria Town Karachi rates

High-end apartments in Bahria Town Karachi

  Call it an apartment, a flat, or a condominium, the residential units are always in high demand due to increasing urbanization and affordable price. Apartment or condominium? Usually, both terms refer to the same type of residential unit located on any of the floors of a tall building. In Singapore and the United States, condominiums are individually owned units but they resemble Asian...

Innovating the property industry in Karachi

Innovating The Property Industry in Karachi

Determination of property prices in Bahria Town Karachi Across-the-board fair prices The prices of residential and commercial plots, constructed houses, apartments, and shops change from place to place and time to time. This is why you find BTK rates different from the property prices in Bahria Town Lahore and Islamabad. Before the dawn of Bahria Town, it was quite difficult to forecast the trends in...

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