Residing in a facing-park house: love green, live green

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An eye-catching view

The location of property not only defines a smart route to your home address, it redecorates the standard of your living. Living nearer to a lush green park gives you an opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking natural beauty. This experience of living in proximity to nature is one of the best experiences you can ever have. Real estate consultants say that you don’t need to worry about a lawn for home or to have a playground for your kids while you are living in a facing-park house.

Healthy and active lifestyle

Easy access to park is directly associated with healthy activities. When you have a park closer to residence you are most likely inclined towards healthy activities. Parks offer luxurious space for doing exercise and meditation in a restful environment. Exposure to nature and greenery makes you healthier and keeps you in shape.  If you really believe that health is wealth, then spend some monetary wealth to buy your constructed house or plot that faces a park. The real estate consultants at Ali Saqlain Real Estate and Builders are all up for taking you to your dream world. They also suggest buying a constructed house or plot which holds its location with its face to the park.

Unrestricted entertainment

Parks are source of free entertainment for you, your family and friends. A bottle of water, few snacks and bakery product, and a pair of sneakers is all you need and you are all set for fun. As an added bonus, many of your friends might be living nearer to your place and thus you can quickly plan a get-to-gather. Thus, the facing-park houses provide lots of entertainment opportunities to make you a best-fit for society. Interviews of some seasoned real estate consultants take the entertainment factor into consideration while delivering property solutions.

Environment friendly location

Greenery has a positive impact on environment. In summers, facing-park houses are lesser hot, as trees are natural air coolants which mitigate the effects of blazing sun rays by providing shade. Further, trees not only reduce air pollution but also reduce noise pollution of urban areas. You must start your efforts for searching out a facing-park property in Bahria Town Lahore. Bahria Town Lahore is known for its huge number of facing-park houses or plots. During winters, you can enjoy foggy days and nights with a cup of coffee in your hands.


Access to well-managed festivals and events

Many local festivals and events are arranged in parks. You can easily participate in such festivals and events. Further, you can plan social gatherings and parties at the park. Facing-park houses give you sufficient opportunity for socialization.

Happier and stress-free lifestyle

There are more than thousand studies that show beneficial connection between happiness and access to green spaces. Living in front of a park lowers the level of stress, thus protecting you from anticipated diseases. Residents of Bahria Town Lahore are more satisfied than those living in other societies.

Easy and increased resale value of property

Facing-park houses and plots are easy to sell. These houses offer greater benefits in terms of increased space and brilliant view. Though, park isn’t your territory but you have access to it anytime. Experts from Ali Saqlain Real Estate and Builders – when asked about the prices for facing-park houses in Bahria Town Lahore – revealed high demand of such houses.

Now if you are planning for buying your property at environmentally fit location, just call 042 111 254 727 and share with team Ali Saqlain. They have facing-park plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal in different blocks of Bahria Town Lahore: Ghazi Block, Tauheed Block, Ghaznavi Extension, OSB Extension and Phase 4 G1.

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