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real estate and builders in Bahria Town


real estate and builders in Bahria Town

The first considerable real estate deal was done by the United States during the early 18th century. The deal is known in history as Louisiana Acquisition. That was the historic moment when professionalism took birth in the spheres of real estate investment. The property industry has seen numerous springs and autumns till it reached a climax with projects like Twin Towers in Malaysia, World Trade Center in the US, Burj Khalifa in UAE, and Bahria Town in Pakistan which is considered to be the biggest housing project in Asia.


Major characteristics of real estate agents

You may find the most proficient real estate agents in Bahria Town Karachi and Lahore. The essential characteristics and experience of property dealers in Bahria Town Karachi are backed by the following facts:


  • High net-worth of Bahria Town
  • Widest range of constructed and unconstructed properties
  • Low-cost housing initiatives
  • Broader spectrum of modern facilities
  • Deeper interest and trust of real estate investors
  • High credibility of the developers



real estate and builders in Bahria Town


Premier property services  

From commercial and residential plots to branded houses and apartments, property dealers in Bahria Town Karachi and Lahore reveal masterly built properties at precious locations. Bahria Town is the only project in Pakistan that meets international standards for affordable property prices. Meet Ali Saqlain Estate at any of their offices if you are looking for a professional realtor. They value transparency, honesty, and commitment.


Real estate market leader in Bahria Town

The experts of real estate and builders in Bahria Town are not only known in the country but also overseas Pakistanis admire them for their trustworthy services.  With adequate experience in real estate investment and property development, Ali Saqlain Estate surpasses in terms of professionalism and credibility. Expanded over one hundred thousand acres of land and facilitating nearly every form of the housing project, Bahria Town Karachi offers safe investment opportunities.

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