Predictions in the housing market for upcoming year

A sound prediction of future trends can only be made by a critical, rational and comprehensive analysis of the past trends.  So in realty estate market, if past trends are analyzed, one thing is clear for sure that 2018 has been a great year. Return of investment in real estate market has been up to 40 percent. However, one thing that must be kept in mind is that real estate market was majorly driven by home buyers rather than the real estate investors.


Keeping in mind the past trends, year 2019 looks quite promising from return on investment point of view. There are few reasons which give boost to this optimism.


International investors are taking interest in Pakistan’s real estate sector

International investors are now more interested in Pakistani real estate market than ever before. A huge level of investment projects in realty sector have been pursued by foreign investors since January. Additionally, real estate market of Pakistan has almost absorbed the shock of regularization imposed on this sector, as the real estate prices that had went down by 20 percent to 30 percent during regularization phase are coming back to their progressive tracks since last month.


Special Economic Zones and larger investors’ participation

With setting up of Special Economic Zones, there is a definite rise in participation by the investors and home buyers. Thus, it can easily be predicted that real estate prices will double as the numbers of players have doubled by now.


Bahria Town is legally back in realty business

Although, due to some judicial issues a few housing projects have been blocked, but now the Supreme Court of Pakistan has honored Bahria Town Karachi by giving it a fully legal status for carrying on the business of real estate development and property sales. This will further add momentum to real estate market. Bahria Town Karachi is now paying attention to all the residential properties and commercial projects already in development phase.


Gwadar projects have recorded good impact on real estate market

It is high time to invest in the Gwadar projects: Gwadar open land and Gwadar Golf City. Although, the price growth had been slow in 2018 in Gwadar but the news of investment in CPEC and Gwadar by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates has pushed up real estate prices in Pakistan.

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