Multan Tourist Spots for 2019

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Multan, commonly known as the city of saints, is one of the most worth-visiting cities of Pakistan and 5th most populous city that is rich in culture. The city holds almost more than 5000 years of history and has a lot of spots for tourist attraction. The reason why Multan is known as the city of saints is due to the fact that it’s home to various tombs and at a particular time, it was the common place of Sufism and many Saints of ancient era were buried in this city.

Multan is famous for being home to various monuments that showcase ancient civilization. The city possesses classical residential and commercial properties for sale. It’s a city where multiple civilizations have spent large portion of their lives. Some of the monuments you can visit in Multan include:

  • Fort Qasim is a must-to-visit place in Multan, with its architecture built in around 1000 BC and 800 BC. It is known as the landmark of architecture and defence. You can also see its gateway now, that is known as Bab-ul-Qasim. It also used to include a mosque and a palace.
  • There is a monument that lies within the boundaries of the fort, commemorating the British servant Patrick Alexander.
  • Ghanta Ghar was built in 1884 by the British Raj and this served as the primary headquarter. This was built over the ruins of the Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai, the one that was destroyed in the Siege of Multan. There came a time in 1985 when its mechanism stopped working. In 2011, it got functional again and was revamped by Rado. Currently, it’s fully functional and is operated using solar energy.

Tombs in Multan

Some of the common tombs in Multan include:

Tomb Shah Rukn e Alam

This tomb is considered to be the earliest example of Tughlaq architecture. Tomb Shah Rukh e Alam offers a complete blend of foreign and local elements to make the building a breathtaking sight for the visitors. It is the most famous ancient building in Multan and it is considered to be the pioneer of funerary architecture in Multan. The tomb was restored back in 1970s.

Shah Shams Tabrez Mausoleum

This tomb is often confused with the tomb of Shah Shams Tabrizi. The overall building is beautiful, with blue and white tiles that depict the glorious Multani architecture.

Tomb Shah Ali Akbar

This tomb is a smaller version of the Sh8ah Rukn e Alam tomb and is also known as Sakhi Sarwar. This was built for the descendant of Saint Shamsuddin and also includes his mother’s tomb.

Best Shopping Points

Multan is home to numerous traditional shopping points. No matter if you want a modern or traditional shopping experience, you’ll find it the best shopping place for you. Let’s talk about the Hussain Agahi Bazar, that is located in the heart of the city of Multan, referring back to the ancient times. It is the type of Bazaar that has alleys and shops with food carts alongside. It is a must place to visit if you are looking for traditional embroidery and shoes.

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