Most important FAQs to be asked from Bahria Town property dealers

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Bahria Town property dealers

Most investors do not know what and when to ask questions from Bahria Town property dealers. A single relevant question could help you make the right decision and save lots of money on the property deal.


Pre-Deal Questions

Senior property agents from Ali Saqlain Estate recommend the investors ask relevant questions from their real estate consultant. It could protect investors’ interests in the Bahria Town real estate market. Not all but only the experienced Bahria Town property dealers have the ability to satisfy their clients with suitable answers.


  • Which location is best for a residential or commercial property?
  • How many extra charges are to be paid for special locations?
  • How can you adjust the best location in my budget?
  • Can I avail some suitable installment plan?

Bahria Town real estate

During-Deal Questions

Though Bahria Town has a transparent and controlled system of transferring ownerships against residential and commercial plots, brand new houses, luxury apartments, and commercial shops, a few questions must be asked during the course of the deal.


  • How much time will it take to get the transfer and possession?
  • What are the legal fees charged by Bahria Town Limited?
  • What is the safest mode of making payments to the seller?
  • Am I required to pay some hidden charges?
  • Does the seller own a complete set of legal papers?

Bahria Town top real estate agents

Post-Deal Questions

Most investors, once purchased a property, relax and sit behind. It could be great if investors ask a few potential questions from Bahria Town top real estate agents after the deal is fully done.


  • When should I start construction?
  • What time will it take to complete the project?
  • What would be the expected price of my property if I sell it after one year?
  • Which department should I visit to get the pre-construction approvals?
  • Where should I get the maps drafted from?




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