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Congratulations to you on having your brand new luxury apartment! Your new apartment may pose limited options to upgrade your kitchen accessories or bathroom fixtures. But there is an affordable and quick option of upgrading your apartment through lighting accessories. As changing the light colors and dimensional strength of the lights can completely transform the look of your apartment; it could change the whole outlook of your living style. Luxury apartments in Bahria Town Lahore, when decorated with the light accessories, offer the best living experience.

Most of apartments in Bahria Town Lahore have ceiling light fittings that can be quickly swapped with new fixtures, without rewiring anything at all. This is cost effective as well as time saving. Even if new rewiring is required, such rewiring can be done by hiring a person for a day only.

For wall decoration, various ready-made lights are available. To name a few, the multi-color star shaped lights or of various geometrical shapes are available that are best fit for your kids’ room. While lights in designs of green flowers are available that would decorate your walls in a unique way. Multi-color hanging lights for turning your apartment into party club on someday is an easily applicable idea. Already customized apartments in Bahria Town Lahore, if redecorated with the stunning lighting system, can entirely change the environment of your condominium.

Apartments in Bahria Town Lahore are constructed with care and professional acumen. In case, your apartment has outdated light switch plates, these can be easily replaced with new ones that are both stylish as well as easy to install. Good news is these installations will cost you a little of time and money.

Provision of smart lights in luxury apartments in Bahria Town Lahore is the most wished idea: LED smart bulbs, hanging lights, strip lights and outlet plugs. Smart lighting has sensor technology that could turn on or off automatically depending on the amount of light available in the rooms.

Smart lighting is about beauty plus energy conservation. These smart lights not only conserve and save energy, but also support your budget. For example, in your book rack, you can add a sensor light. As soon as you open your book rack, the fixed light will automatically turn on while you are selecting your preferred books and it will turn off automatically once you are done with the selection.

Ali Saqlain Estate’s SQ-99 apartments in Bahria Town Lahore have beautiful architecture and interior layout. These apartments in Bahria Town Lahore have taken into account the installation of latest lights at appropriate places and niches. Buying an apartment in Eiffel Tower facing SQ99, therefore, can save you money which could otherwise be spent on additional lighting accessories.

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