Is it Good or Bad to Have a Large Home?

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Living in large homes that are well-equipped with all the basic necessities of life is a dream to everyone. People long for a luxurious lifestyle and symbolize their success and achievements through large homes that are now a status symbol too.

Are you planning to buy a new home too? Before reaching any decision, think of all the factors involved in it and discuss the matter with your friends and property agents too. Large homes don’t hold benefits only; there are disadvantages too. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Pros of Large Homes

Large homes offer more space for furniture and family, having a proper area designated for all kind of activities. There is a separate ample space for living room, dining room, guest room, kitchen and bedrooms. Due to space availability, you can put furniture and other things at different places in your rooms.

There are proper car porches in large homes where you can even park your extra cars. For storing extra stuff and items for late use, you can use separate storage rooms. There are many people who want to change the layout of their homes and add an extra room wherever they want. Making alterations in a large home is pretty easier as compared to smaller ones. The best thing about large homes is that you can even create a home office there.

Having your own home garden is a dream to all. There are many people who love gardening and want to create a front or back garden. With large homes, it becomes super easy to allot a specific space for gardens and grow different fruits, flowers, shrubs and vegetables. You can also create a small playground for your kids. If you have any difficulty in paying off utility bills or mortgage, you can easily rent out a specific portion of your home and accommodate your family in the other portion.

Cons of Large Homes

The biggest disadvantage of large homes is the price factor. The prices are very high as compared to small-sized homes and after buying a large home, you are hardly left with money to invest in some business. The maintenance costs of these homes are also very high. It’s not only the actual price of large homes that matters in buying, there are additional hidden costs involved too that you should keep in mind as they make difference in the total amount of the home. Also, with high heating and cooling costs involved, the utility bills in large homes are higher too.

In large homes, residents spend more times in their rooms rather than spending it with their family, leading to loneliness. There are many rooms that are of no use and remain empty. Large homes have lower resale value and are normally out of range of most people. it’s a fact that large homes stay longer in market as people take a lot of time in deciding whether it’s the right choice for them or not, as compared to smaller homes. They attract only a few buyers as most of the times, they are not pocket-friendly at all.

Keeping the above-mentioned pros and cons of large homes in mind, you can still think before buying a large home. If you can afford living there and manage to save money too, go for it!

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