How to deal with the noisy neighbors

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Good neighbours are a precious gift from the Almighty. Nearly all the religions protect some rights and duties of the neighbours. Worldwide, legislations have been made and promulgated to safeguard the necessary rights of the neighbours. Most people restrict the neighbourhood to the next door dwellers. In fact, the concept of neighbourhood is even wide. The families living in a street are neighbours to each other.

On the basis of collective behaviour, the neighbours could be classified as under:

  • Who make a noise deliberately 
  • Who smoke in the common areas 
  • Who love partying frequently 
  • Who keep themselves restricted 

The concept of neighbourhood in Europe, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia is quite different. Their special emphasis on their privacy kills the theory of neighbourhood. Whoever, in the neighbourhood, makes a bit noise is never tolerated in these countries. Contrarily, Pakistanis value their neighbours and try to take care of each other. 

The article focuses on the tips to manage with the noisy neighbours.  

Socialize with your neighbours 

In case your neighbours make a noise, try to socialize with them in a civilized way. It would prepare your neighbours mentally to accept and address your complaint regarding their loud behaviour. You could do the following in order to get connected with your neighbours.

  • Communicate with your neighbours once a day 
  • Call your neighbours to dinner occasionally 
  • Plan get-together at annual festivals and celebrations 
  • Have a light walk with your neighbours in the street 
  • Respect the privacy of your neighbours 
  • Never meet your neighbours without telling 

Make small changes in your apartment 

You can save yourself from the hazards and disturbance of noise by simply remodelling your house or apartment. You can design the interiors in a way that break the echo and sound to maximum extent. Display pictures, posters and sceneries along the walls to oppose regular reflection of sound waves. Taking this measure could lessen the passage of unwanted sounds from outside. 

Report to the security under special circumstances 

This is the least pragmatic way to get rid of the louder sounds and noises made by your neighbours. If you are living in Bahria Town Lahore or Karachi or even in Bahria Orchard Lahore, you could call to the security office and let them know that your neighbours are in the habit of making a noise and that your peace of mind is at stake. The security people would immediately address your reservation in a peaceful way. But, try avoiding this strategy as it could hurt your neighbours and they could unconsciously turn against you in the future. 

Ali Saqlain’s projects are soundproof 

The best arrangement to avoid noisy neighbours come to your notice in SQ-99 Apartments designed and developed by Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders, who have spent the last 20 years in achieving perfection under three categories:

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  • Development of residential and commercial projects 

The architects and construction engineers of Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders have proved instrumental in minimizing noise and louder voices from outside. Luxury apartments in Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi are known for the ultimate living experience. If you are living in an apartment or house that has been built with the provisions of soundproofing, you need not to bother about the lifestyle of your neighbours. Let them do what they want and you just stay inside with all peace of mind. 

Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders have built peace of mind in its all projects in Bahria Town Lahore & Karachi, which include 

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