How have the housing trends transformed in Pakistan?

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A home is the state of being, just more than a building constructed with materials. It is the brain of Bahria Town which brought ultimate state of being for the people of Pakistan: luxury, style, and comfort.

By the first half of 1990s, prior to the launch of Bahria Town Limited, the Pakistanis were following traditional architecture and accommodation based housing trends.The business of housing and residential plots was chiefly regulated by the irrelevant people who considered it as a side business. Other than low cost Bahria Town properties, the credit of modern housing goes to Bahria Town in terms of:

• Managed sale and purchase of properties
• High level of investors’ trust
• Multidimensional architecture
• Facilities of the international standard
• Transparent consultancy and information

What were the housing societies like before advent of Bahria Town?

Speaking of success in development real estate, no developer other than Bahria Town could satisfy the investors and individual home buyers. By 1990, newly launched housing schemes and residential societies were holding small hectares of land which were insufficient to accommodate landscape. Hence, the facilities were limited. At later stages, the residents were forced to bear the consequences: sewerage problems, security issues, unmanaged public parks, raw sanitation on streets, and disturbed supply of utilities. Bahria Town was the first developer to promise and deliver state-of-the-art living facilities and foolproof security. Living with esteem became the lifestyle of Pakistanis from the year 2000 to onwards.

How did Bahria Town streamline the real estate companies?

Immediately, countless investors and skillful people accepted the launch of Bahria Town – Asia’s largest housing project. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders became the first authorized real estate company in Bahria Town Lahore. This is how other consultancy and investment companies followed the footprints of Ali Saqlain Estate. Today, the entire property market presents richness, trust, speed and legitimacy.

With the passage of time, the real estate consultants learnt from the procedures of Bahria Town Limited. Hence, the stakeholders took the very first step to do real estate business in an international style.

Bahria Town owned real estate development resources

Why I have focused the efforts of Bahria Town for historic development of housing in Pakistan? The company stands as the biggest real estate developer of the continent we live in. they have got a big deal of development and construction machinery, experienced technical staff, and seasoned planners. They own a multibillion dollar worth in the sector.


Bahria Town Limited has high net-worth to start new projects. By joining hands with the famous hospitality leader Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Bahria Town Group have started building three skyscrapers in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The work is in process since 2016.


Bahria Town is appreciable for being the very first developer in terms of largest facility network. The construction of the popular landmarks of the world has added beauty to the lifestyle of the people. It is all about the high lifestyle for minimum cost. An apartment for sale in Bahria Town Lahore or Karachiopens the real secrets of comfort and luxury. Bahria Town Karachi has won twenty-one awards on Flower Shows of the country. Think of the amount of greenery in the town.

Contemporary high ROI projects in Bahria Town

The development and construction work remains in process in Bahria Town Karachi and Lahore. Even during hard economic times, the sale and purchase of constructed houses and residential plots in Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi faces stability. This is the result of a controllably growing real estate market in Pakistan.


Being the most trustworthy real estate company, Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders has excelled others in a variety of ways:


  • They provide low-cost housing with modern architecture
  • They choose the best locations for their projects
  • Their whole series of SQ projects is selling like hot cakes: SQ Fifth Avenue, SQ-99 Mall & Apartments, SQ Orchard Homespresent luxury apartments in Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore and Bahria Orchard respectively.
  • With their head office in Bahria Town Lahore, they are based in Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Bahria Orchard Lahore.


I thought to name Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders for two reasonswhile discussing the housing transformation in Pakistan: being the first authorized dealer in Bahria Townand their ongoing sincere services for the investors and property buyers. A few other companies are performing better following the standards set by Ali Saqlain Estate since 2000.

Something about the modern architectural styles in Pakistan

Pakistan has received the style of architecture in its legacy. Before partition in 1947, the subcontinent had been under the influence of Arabs, Dutch, Turks, Mughals and many other ruling dynasties. Therefore, Pakistan’s architecture had remained a mixed architecture. In Karachi, the concept of skyscrapers came earlier in 1970s but no one could take it to the development in the long-run. In 1996, Bahria Town started its projects in Rawalpindi and Lahore followed by a range of specialized architectural styles:


  • Alexandrian Style of architecture representing the Egyptian civilization
  • Asian style houses and villas reflecting true spirit of the regional construction
  • European architecture to highlight legacy of the Western style
  • Ultramodern apartments to bring skyscraper buildings in Pakistan
  • Spacious housing including Golf View Villas and farm houses
  • The concept of gated communities to turn the middle-class into elite of Pakistan


Today, the category a house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi proposes multiple options. According to the volume of investment, you could buy either a modern constructed house or a luxury apartment. Depending upon your budget, you could go for a Golf View Villa surrounded by greenery. You family could find a penthouse perfectly fine.


During 1970s, Karachi was famous for a couple of high-rise apartment buildings. Bahria Town protected the legacy of the city of life by constructing the tallest buildings of the country. The following list contains a few residential buildings developed by Bahria Town and a few other developers at different locations of Karachi.


  • Bahria Icon Tower – 62 floors – Pakistan’s tallest building at the moment
  • Bahria Apartment Tower –42 floors
  • Serang Skymark – 50 floors
  • SQ Projects by Ali Saqlain Estate – 10 plus floors eachPakistan’s dynamic real estate market

    During the last three decades of the 20th century, determination of exact value of residential and commercial properties in Pakistan was quite tough. The reasons included unformal setup of market, inexperienced property dealers and less interest from the developers. The entry of Bahria Town in real estate industry of the country opened new opportunities in the sector. The healthy competition took birth. The country’s real estate sector flourished. These days, the demand and supply of real estate assets is moving upwards. More investors are taking interest.


    The management of Bahria Town wants to increase the share of real estate in the national GDP that currently stands at 2 percent. The sale and purchase of plots, constructed houses, apartments, commercial shops and offices is progressing in Bahria Town Karachi. The experts say, Bahria Town Karachi is soon going to strengthen countries economy in real estate, construction, investments and consultancy fronts.


    It feels like Pakistan has achieved the fine landmarks of real estate development with even bigger episodes yet to come in future!

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