Grab Low-Cost Plots in Bahira Town Karachi

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Planning to hunt builder location plots in Bahria Town Karachi? Ali Saqlain Estate is the only consultancy company who offers returns exactly at the time you make investment. 

Contact Ali Saqlain To Buy Property NowHunting prime location is easier with Ali Saqlain Estate

Ali Saqlain Estate has got the longest list of residential and commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi at desired locations.

  • Boulevard facing developed plots
  • Park facing residential plots
  • Plots close to commercial markets
  • Nearest to mosque plots
  • Plots in proximity of landmarks


Plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi have got high demand. This is because people are investing in real estate to take advantage of tax freedom. Clearly, the future value of a plot or constructed property depends on the location. Therefore, deciding on the location is perhaps the most important factor to do investment.

Residential versus commercial plots

If you are interested in instant construction, buy a plot in Bahria Town Lahore. On the other hand, it is good to buy house in Bahria Town Lahore or Bahria Town Karachi in case you are planning to shift within no time. Housing plots measuring 250 SYD and 500 SYD in Bahria Town Karachi are in attendance. However, the best locations rest with Ali Saqlain Estate.  

 As far as commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi are concerned, the return is always higher than the residential ones. It is good news for the public that the government is going to launch Pakistan Housing Bank. Resultantly, it would be easier for the investors to arrange investments at a lower rate.

Ali Saqlain Estate & SQ Builders go hand in hand  

SQ Builders is a sister concern of Ali Saqlain Estate who are the oldest company in Bahria Town Lahore and Bahria Town Karachi. With more than a hundred sales consultants and construction specialists, both the companies have become hallmarks of quality and credibility. The credit goes to the investors and end users who are always happy with the branded customer service.


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