From City of Lights to City of Skyscrapers

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Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi

Have you visited the full distance of Karachi during the last six months? As far as the modern real estate industry is concerned, Bahria deals Karachi have entirely changed the outlook of today’s city with more and more people from the old city and whole Pakistan settling in Bahria Town Karachi.

Developmental history of Karachi

From the days of Indus Valley Civilization to Arabs’ entry to then Sindh in 712 AD and from Pakistan’s independence to the present day, Karachi has seen a series of developmental phases. Present-day Karachi is thankful to Bahria Town for the reasonable Bahria apartments Karachi prices, which has made the housing available for all income groups in the country. A successful Bahria deal takes you to the higher returns on your apartment with monthly rental income for life.  In short, Bahria Town Karachi has brought a new lifestyle in the city that is enough to motivate people to move therein.

Bahria Town’s contribution to Karachi

Karachi, during the 1960s, was called as the City of Lights for its active life in the night. Today, Karachi is known as the City of Skyscrapers, and the credit goes to Bahria Town Karachi for developing high-rise residential and commercial buildings that offer modern apartments with facilities of the international level. Bahria Apartments Karachi prices are not only affordable but also the payment plans are realistic.

The trend setter of high-rise buildings

Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders is known to be the trend setter of vertical buildings for it is the first authorized real estate company for Bahria deals Karachi and Lahore. Ali Saqlain’s SQ projects at Jinnah Avenue and near Malik Square have proved the beauty of Bahria Town Karachi. You can find the best Bahria deal in apartment buildings designed and constructed by Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders.

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