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real estate agents in Bahria Town Lahore

Prehistoric landholding system
Aristotle branded the man as a social animal. The man started his residences from stone caves just
made with the help of rock stones, pieces of wood, and piles of straws. The first known real estate
deal appeared in the form of a rental agreement when the agrarians started paying rentals for
the agricultural land in 15000 BC. Moving towards the modern property landscape, the Railroad
Apartments in New York were the very first flats to be sold to the private owners a bit before the
mid of 18th century.

 Real Estate agents in Bahria Town Lahore
Who knew, during the initial times, that one day the world would see Burj Khalifa in UAE and
Bahria Town, Asia’s biggest housing project, in Lahore Pakistan! Real Estate agents in Bahria Town Lahore and the property dealers nearby are now proficient in hunting the best properties.
Man’s travel from caves to modern housing has not ended yet!

The landscape of the modern real estate industry
Today, the opus of the real estate industry includes the world’s largest investment platforms.
Unibail-Rodamco, Al-Nakheel, and Bahria Town Limited have fully changed the infrastructural
map of Europe, the Middle East, and Pakistan respectively. New York, Cairo, and Lahore have always
been the hub spots of real estate in three different geographical areas of the world.

Real estate in Lahore Pakistan
Pakistan’s property market

Real estate in Lahore Pakistan is quite mature these days. Residential and commercial plots,
apartments, houses, shops, and houses provide safe opportunities to the investors and end-users.
Just ask the property dealers nearby and they would unleash protected investment plans in all
the major cities of Pakistan. The real estate agents in Bahria Town Lahore sell residential and
commercial properties of millions of rupees every month. When it comes to the most reliable
property dealer in Lahore, Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders comes up as the biggest contributor in
Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi, offering world-class properties at key locations.

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