Essentials for a newly bought house

After buying a new house, when you open the front door to your fabulous home, you are excited to plan and decorate your dream home according to your dreams. So there are few things you must consider instantly during and after buying a new house.


You will not be probably thinking about all this while making a decision to buy your dream home. Here are a few of very common things you need to arrange at your earliest convenience.


  • Take stock of whatever you own beforehand. You must make a list of what you have at your previous accommodation, what can be shifted to your new house and what should be thrown away in the scrap. You must keep all things with which you have emotional attachment. Most importantly, try to get polished your existing furniture and place it at some appropriate location in your newly bought house.
  • Change your door locks immediately after making payment for your dream home. The previous seller might have given keys to someone in the neighborhood due to his social contacts. It may be risky for you. Also, specify a place where you can hide an extra key, in case you forget one key indoors.
  • Get a professional thorough clean-up of your home before you shift. It is important to improve general outlook of the house and to spread pleasance all round. Interiors designers claim that cleanliness adds to the interior design of your place.
  • Having paint brushes of different size and shape is a real pre-requisite. See if you already have a few at your old house, otherwise purchase a complete set of paint brushes to be used in due course of time.
  • Green areas become the only breath-taking spots at your home. Well before shifting to your newly bought house, make sure that you have necessary tools to maintain the lawns and grassy areas. Purchase a lawn mower and gift it to your dream home!
  • Do not put yourself into rush of going to the market for purchasing some household tool whenever needed. Better purchase a well-stocked tool box containing screwdrivers, wrench, nails, measuring tape and hammers. You may need these accessories in your daily life.
  • If you have got ability to pay few millions for buying a new house, you must invest a few thousands in purchasing some pieces of classical outdoor furniture: lawn chairs, lawn umbrella, smart tables, and a swing.

Setting up home security system is a must-do job well before you shift to your new house. Security of your life and assets is important. Therefore, get a few security cameras and a security alarm installed at your house.

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