Do you know the very first authorized property dealers of Bahria Town?

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property dealers in Bahria Town

Before 1996, the concept of real estate was quite different. A property dealer in Pakistan was not specialized. They considered the real estate as a part-time job, but primarily thrived on some other business. Then Bahria Town appeared with the latest trends in luxury houses, apartments, and commercial shops in shopping centers. The low-cost property solutions changed the transactional procedures of the real estate business. Thus, Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders became the first registered property dealers in Bahria Town Lahore.

property dealer in Pakistan


Today, the property dealers in Bahria Town are resourceful. The healthy competition now settles the property prices in Bahria Town Karachi and Lahore. The level of resourcefulness of Bahria properties is even higher now with the availability of residential and commercial plots of all sizes, skyscraper buildings, luxury apartments, apartment houses, modern villas, and what else you could think of.


The increasing number of new investors into this business is the proof of trust they extend to property dealers in Bahria Town Karachi and Lahore. All the necessary activities are done in black and white. Backing out is out of the question. Since the scope of real estate is becoming wider, the amount of trust is equally growing as a good gesture.

property dealers in Bahria Town


Bahria Town believes in transparent procedures, property transfers, and possessions at the time of sale and purchase of a plot, house, apartment, shop, or office. Bahria Town’s smart system keeps track of all the records for quick reference. This is how the rate of fraudulent activities is zero when it comes to dealing with the authorized property agents. By now, Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders has served thousands of clients. Not a single complaint has been lodged against them. The investors are loving their SQ projects and other properties. This is all about the good name they have earned since 2000. They are the market leader of property dealers in Bahria Town Karachi too.

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