Checklist for Buying Commercial Property for Sale

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Having an own home is a dream for everyone. People always love living with their ideal lifestyle and in a luxury environment. There are many properties that are not only luxurious but also affordable. Hiring a property consultant can help you out even if you don’t have enough knowledge regarding which property to opt for. No matter you want a residential or a commercial property for sale, research should always be done before getting started.

Before finalizing a commercial houses for sale, it is recommended to look at the investigable premises of the related property, commonly known as due diligence. This procedure normally involves an inspection checklist.

There are some important factors to consider when looking for a commercial houses for sale, including the physical condition of the property, environmental safety hazards, location and the code compliance.

Below is mentioned the checklist to follow when buying any commercial property for sale:

Environmental Safety Hazards

The commercial property for sale that you are investing in should be assessed with respect to the surroundings and the environment first. The complete environment assessment of these properties will help you in getting aware of all the environmental factors to beware of the presence of any hazardous material or pollutant. You can hire a property dealer for this purpose, who will inspect the property to check the premises completely. Water and earth samples should be assessed and the cost of removing hazardous materials should be determined in advance. Before deciding to close the sale, the cost of repairing the real estate should be determined.


After the complete environmental assessment of your commercial property for sale, you will be able to find out your property for maintenance issues. Hiring a property consultant can help you in determining all the property rights and find out if that commercial property for sale has got any restrictions, including height and noise restrictions. Being the buyer of the property, you would be asked to get the environmental operating permits of that particular commercial property for sale. You need to have all the documents regarding existing permits of the property. Contacting property consultants and relevant real estate agencies can help out in determining the past record and issues of the building to get you an idea about the future of your commercial property for sale.

Physical Condition

Before buying the commercial property for sale, never forget to inspect the interior and exterior structure integrity of the building. This can be successfully done hiring a property consultant or a licensed engineer. The inspector should also check the building for drainage features and should help you in getting all the ongoing maintenance and design contracts for finding out if the contractors of that particular commercial property for sale have received their full payments or not.

Additional Factors

Additional factors to research include:

  • Parking space available around the building
  • Amount of electricity received
  • Accessibility from public streets
  • Proximity to public transportation

Bonus tip

Before finalizing the commercial property for sale, try to find out if the selected building complies with latest safety and maintenance standards, building and zoning codes. This can be successfully carried out by contacting appropriate regulatory organizations. Make sure to be well-provided with the information regarding building’s code compliance and violations by the related departments as the building codes keep changing with the passage of time.

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