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The fastest way to give your older room an all-new and more representable look to get it painted. People get different coloring schemes and painting ideas from their property consultants and acquaintances. Paint comes in a variety of textures such as latex and oil paint. The more preferred one is the latex paint as it’s easy to clean up and has longer durability.

Latex paint is more resistant and fades slowly, breathing better than oil paint and resulting in lesser blistering of paint. This type of paint is best for your walls and household uses. Oil paint is best for priming wood moldings as it seals stains from wood. For oil paint, it takes a longer time to dry.

How to Select Paint for Your Room?

If you are quite choosy about cleaning of your walls, you should go for a glossier paint as it is super-easy to clean. If you have small children or have a room that is crowded almost all the times, this kind of paint is the best choice. Walls that become greasy with time can easily be cleaned up with a damp sponge. However, this can further make blemishes to your walls, giving off an unpleasant shine. High gloss can complement the flat texture of your walls.

If you want ease of washing and lesser shine, such as for the walls of kitchens and bathrooms, you can go for a semi-gloss paint that is not only cheaper than the gloss paint, but is also a commonly-used and preferred alternative. For a smooth satiny finish, Satin sheens can be used all over in hallways, kitchen and bathrooms. This is the best choice if you want some gloss without the actual shine of a gloss and a paint that can easily be cleaned.

Flat and matte paints are the best choice to use for walls with lots of imperfections and can easily be obtained with a single coat of paint with a flat. However, this type of paint doesn’t stand well to good clean and shows dirt and fingerprint marks. One of the most popular sheen is the eggshell sheen that perfectly hides all the imperfections and is relatively easier to wash, offering more durability and smooth nature. Both flat and glossy paints can be chosen for your room, depending upon your choice and preferences.

For A Subtle Look

If you have decided to stick to the same shade using a single-tone approach, this tends to look good in bedrooms and bathrooms to enhance the comfort feeling. Choose your favorite color and overlap the shades. For a wall with darker color, try using a lighter tone of the same color on the other wall with a shade slightly lighter than the trim. All of your accessories, furniture, curtains and towels can be varying shades of the same scheme. You can also layer the colors by selecting a lighter color as base coat and doing the faux paint with a darker tone of same color.

For adding a calm ambiance in your room, try adding lighter shades of warm or cool colors and add textures to make them look more appealing to eyes. Don’t stick to the older rule of one shade and texture. Changing textures in paint can leave a pleasant impact of room and yield feelings of tranquility.

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