Beauty, Comfort, Facilities and Luxuries in Bahria Town

People in Pakistan now prefer living in reputed housing societies due to various amenities
provided therein. Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi let you experience the real luxury you
can dream of. Property consultants in Bahria Town Karachi endorse few reasons one
must buy home either in Bahria Town Lahore or Karachi.

Uninterrupted utilities

In Bahria Town, there is 24/7 uninterrupted availability of electricity, water and other
amenities. High-tech electricity generators, underground water channels and gas pipeline
make your life easier and take you to the height of comfort while living in Bahria Town
properties. Property agents in Bahria Town Karachi recommend that Bahria Town
properties are a safe haven for investment.

Guaranteed security

Real estate consultants in Bahria town Lahore just praise town’s enhanced security
system. Pakistan’s metropolis cities are suffering from a high rate of crime, but Bahria Town
is a crime-free housing society. Residents of the town can get assured that they are being
secured and protected by 24/7 alert security personnel and ultramodern digital security
system, that includes high-resolution CCTV cameras, security alarms and other security

Rapid growth in value of property

Evidently, real estate investments are always catchy and less volatile. In case well planned
and legal housing schemes, the demand for homes is always surging. Due to this fact, the
homes in this town gain huge value within months. So if at any point of time, anybody wants
to sell a home it would always give astoundingly high returns. The real estate agents in
Bahria Town Lahore report that property prices in Bahria Town have an upward tendency
even during the recession periods.

Properly organized properties

The homes in these towns are mapped and planned. Homes, parks, hospital and other public
places are placed in an aesthetically planned way. There is always a central park, commercial
markets and a mosque in every residential block. Shopping malls, food courts, cinemas and
community centers make Bahria Town the best fit to live in Pakistan. One of the Ali Saqlain
Estate’s senior property consultants in Bahria Town Karachi revealed that Bahria Town
is Pakistan’s first housing project with most facilities and amenities.

Enhanced social amenities

Real estate agents in Bahria Town Lahore love living and working in the town for
the availability of all modern infrastructural and social amenities. All of the social amenities
provided in this society are in great form. These facilities include schools of international
standard, modern hospitals, and zoos. Buying a house in Bahria Town Lahore or Karachi
means you will enjoy all these amenities in an affordable and esteemed way.


Door to luxury

Bahria Town is a realty giant that helps you experience ultimate luxury through flawless
the transport system, cleaned parks and roads, easily accessible shopping malls and
opportunities for organizing and attending useful social events. Luring views of houses and
construction of internationally known replica have added to the extravagance of the town.
Being a part of the biggest real estate Development Company, property agents in Bahria
Town Karachi call Bahria Town the “door to luxury”.

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