Bahria Town residents: a description of feedback

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Bahria Town is the other name for luxurious lifestyle decorated with elegance and sophistication. Unparallel standard of life offered by Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi has always attracted huge number of home buyers and investors. Due to its exemplary features, the demand for property in town is at peak in all months of the year.

A review by residents of this society, from the two biggest cities of Pakistan namely Karachi and Lahore, highlights the following celebrated characteristics of this housing scheme. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders took the responsibility to conduct a survey regarding feedback of the Bahria Town residents. Facilities in Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi were graded according to the requirements and the residents gave a very positive feedback in the due course of time.

Fool-proof Security

Security is prime concern of every investor and resident. That’s why Bahria Town aims at giving its residents complete security in an excellent way. For this assurance, Bahria Town has continuously maintained

  • Quality security guards
  • Latest and upgraded CCTV cameras
  • Highly effective traffic controllers
  • 24/7 security vigilance

Crime rate in Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi is zero. The experts at Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders reveal that 98 percent of the Bahria residents are satisfied with its world-class security arrangements.

Amazing Utilities

By placing keen focus on provision of basic utilities, Bahria Town has successfully secured the credibility and trust of both investors and residents by letting them experience greater peace of mind. The agents here are known for their expertise and help the client in fetching quick, easy and affordable deals. Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders is the market leader in Bahria Town Lahore & Karachi. The exceptional utilities offered include the following.

  • Waterproof electrical wiring and equipments
  • 24/7 electricity and gas availability
  • Maintained electrical generators
  • Internet and cable TV streams

The survey suggests that 100 percent of residents of Bahria Town Lahore are satisfied with the uncut and continuous supply of utilities.

Excellent Facilities

Easy and quality lifestyle for residents is the prime focus of Bahria Town. The facilities offered by Bahria town are unique in quality and marvelously compliment your lifestyle. This experience has been shared by multiple clients. The residents are extremely happy due to provision of basic and advanced facilities that include but are not limited to the following.

  • Educational institutes of the international standard
  • Top-quality clinical, hospital and gym infrastructure
  • Diversified and well developed commercial markets
  • Beautiful and magnanimous mosques
  • Carpeted roads and green belts

More than 90 percent residents invested their hard-earned money in Bahria Town to enjoy outstanding life facilities and amenities.

Quality Community

Alongside mesmerizing location, Bahria Town has unmatchable community development forums for its residents. Major community-building infrastructure includes

  • Community centers
  • Country Club
  • Sociable public parks

The residents are happy with the community and hundred percent of the residents record their contentment in relation to friendly fabric of the society in Bahria Town Lahore & Karachi.

Classy Entertainment

Entertainment facilities introduced by Bahia Town Lahore and Karachi are just beyond ordinary. Real estate development specialists of Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders recommend that entertainment opportunities upkeep the mental health of residents in the long-run.

This society aims at nurturing your dreams and allows you to experience a lifestyle that you can hardly imagine elsewhere. And of course, entertainment is an imperative aspect of a great life.

  • Outclass cinemas
  • Designated play areas for the children
  • Outstanding public places like Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town Lahore
  • Danzoo in Bahria Town Karachi
  • International Theme Parks
  • Luxuriously designed malls and shopping centers
  • Celebrations of the festivals
  • International sports stadiums

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