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Pakistan’s first apartment buildings
Karachi, the city of lights, had a few apartment buildings during the 1960s. The acceptance of apartment living kept on increasing since then. After the launch of Bahria Town in 1996, the demand for actual low-cost apartments increased by more than fifty percent. The real estate developers in Lahore and other major cities have been putting their best to make luxury apartments affordable for a multitude of income groups. Particularly, the real estate dealers in Bahria Town are doing well to bridge the demand and supply gap of the apartments.

Why living apartments has become a culture?
The economy of Pakistan has seen a huge expansion in housing during the last two decades. A large hectare of agricultural land has been occupied by residential and commercial societies. Thousands of apartment skyscrapers are being constructed by the real estate developers in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The culture of apartments is flourishing mainly for the following reasons.

• Apartments save the green land for agriculture and linear plantation
• Condominiums and apartments provide low-cost housing
• Apartments offer better security and privacy
• Apartments are available for easy payment plans

Bahria Town leaves all societies behind
The real estate dealers in Bahria Town have been marketing comfy apartments with transparent provisions of payments, transfers, and possessions. Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders is considered to be the best property dealer in Bahria Town Lahore with timely completion of more than ten ultramodern apartment buildings in Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi. It is just because of the sheer dedication of Bahria Town that you can now buy an elegant apartment for a bit more than 5 million rupees. SQ-99 Apartments, SQ Orchard Homes, SQ Fifth Avenue, and SQ Liberty Heights are famous for their fair price, beautiful architecture, and a whole set of facilities.

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