A little attention may save you money through Bahria Town top real estate

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Bahria Town top real estate

Bahria Town top real estate consultants have achieved excellence through continuous dedication, hard work, and professionalism. Ali Saqlain Estate excels others in this regard.  

The market price of the plot

Authentic Bahria Town property dealers may provide sincere assistance in assessing the plot prices at subsequent locations. The price of land could hardly be estimated without measurement. Interestingly, in primitive times, the land was measured in terms of the Double Cubit System. The other measuring standards included:


  • “Half-yard” represented 2 parts
  • “Span” included 4 parts
  • “Finger” constituted 8 parts
  • “Nail” was used to represent 16 parts


Today, Square Footage and Marla are the recognized standards to measure residential plots in Pakistan. You must check plot prices in Bahria Town Lahore and Bahria Town Karachi by double-checking from three different real estate agents. Ali Saqlain Estate’s consultants are second to none in this regard.

plot prices in Bahria Town

Cost of building materials

Before you buy a constructed house, you need to take help from the building consultants who could reveal the actual cost of the materials used. Just add the cost of materials to the plot price to have a better idea of the aggregate value of the home. SQ Builders in Bahria Town offer professional property valuation services.

Bahria Town property dealers

Quality of construction

Bahria Town real estate market is rich in terms of competitive price, quality construction, and stylish interiors. Ali Saqlain Estate and SQ Builders have jointly set standards in cozy architecture, durable structure, and presentable interior layout. The experienced property agents do not ignore the cost of quality construction while estimating the overall value of a well-built house.

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