Construction at Gwadar International Airport is starting in March 2019

Construction work at Gwadar International Airport is about to start in March 2019

Federal government says that construction work at new Gwadar International Airport will commence from March 2019. All the construction and development activities will be completed and supervised by the Joint Coordination Committee.
Gwadar International Airport, being the largest one in Pakistan is supposed to be the most equipped airport of the region to carry the burden of upcoming commercial engagements at international level. This is a sub-project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is a positive blow to the real estate and hospitality industries.
Standing on the footsteps of CPEC, a new revolution in real estate market is about to start in near future. Experts say that the economic corridor will set new trends in real estate market, which will directly impact the real estate markets in other cities of Pakistan.

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