5 Tips to Stay Safe in Smoggy Season

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Winter is finally approaching and it’s the time of the year when heat has finally slowed down. Winter-lovers are super-excited.  However, this brings dense smog too, that’s a result of all the contaminants that get trapped in the air at such temperatures. For avoiding the long-term harm, you need to keep yourself and your family away from this pollution. No matter if it’s your residential or commercial property for sale, you are going to find smog everywhere.

In case you don’t know what smog is, it’s a combination of smoke and fog- the type of fog that has smoke in it. It’s mainly yellowish or blackish in color and contains a mixture of ground level ozone and fine particles in the atmosphere that are termed as air pollutants.  The main reason behind formation of smog is the air pollution, that is a combination of harmful gases with various dust particles and water vapors. Smog makes breathing extremely different therefore you need to be cautious when being exposed to external atmosphere.

Below are mentioned some of the ways to make your home safe for yourself and your family this smoggy season:

  1. Go Green

Indoor plants are always helpful in maintaining and improving the overall quality of air inside your home. You can purchase a few plants in your home to minimize the number of air pollutants and keep the air filtered every time. There are many plants that can be easily kept inside homes without any hassle. These include money plants, bamboo palms and snake plants. Another great idea is to get installed the carbon monoxide (CO) detectors inside your home to monitor the overall pollution inside your home.

  1. Work on Home Ventilation

Not only for smog, you should always keep your house ventilated. This helps in proper crossing of fresh air and keeps the air inside clean. Installing major windows inside home can help in cross-ventilation. This helps in easy passing of air in and out your house. Exhaust fans are also in ensuring proper crossing and circulation of air and this eradicates all the air pollutants inside. You need to keep your exhaust systems clean and invest in air purifiers. Cover the exhausts of your air conditioners tightly to make them ready and clean for next summer.

  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Proper cleaning is required to keep the air pollutants away from your home. You can use brooms and damp cloth for cleaning your home. Brooms are though helpful to keep dust away, however in this weather, they can cause dust lingering in the air inside your home. Therefore, go for a vacuum or a mop instead. This ensures better and cleaner air and makes breathing safer for you and your family.

  1. Avoid Using Carpets

Though carpets add a lot to the overall look and feel inside your home, this weather is definitely not the “carpet weather.” Try to roll all the carpets and rug up for a few months from now on, as these are also a major point of trapping dust and pollutants, leading to inhaling problems. Rolling up these rugs and carpets can definitely make a difference especially to those who are asthmatic.

  1. Repaint your Home Exterior Regularly

Most of the time, you are taking measures for your family’s health and neglecting your house itself. Try to get your home repainted regularly and wash the red brick walls to give them a fresh look. Giving the walls a protective layer using metallic elements can also help.

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