July 2021

Going through the breadth of Bahria Town real estate

The advent of the Bahria Town real estate hub has been bringing generous investment opportunities since the last decade of the previous century.   Bahria Town Properties in Islamabad Expanded over more than 15000 hectares, the original project accommodates thousands of residents and several follow-up projects. It is broken down into phases and smaller projects. Bahria Town produces its own...

Bahria Town Karachi deals

Bahria Town Karachi Rates May Earn You Good Return

Bahria Town Karachi rates, at the end of the year, may go up for many reasons: security, return and the most reliable developers behind. Invest today or get ready to regret tomorrow! Competitive market trends   Owing to the transparency in real estate deals, Bahria Town Karachi rates increase naturally.  The demand and supply of residential and commercial plots, houses, apartments and shops actually...

Bahria Town property dealers

Less maintenance required in Bahria Town real estate market

Experts say the homeowners and tenants face 40 percent fewer maintenance issues in Bahria Town real estate market. Weather-resistant construction   The hurricanes, unusual rainfall, dazzling sunshine, and severe fog have been making the homeowners worried. Bahria Town real estate projects have been found to have weather-resistant building materials from the foundations to rooftops. Ali Saqlain Real...

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