2019 Real Estate Market Predictions for Pakistan

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With the unpredictable rise and falls in the real estate market in Pakistan, people who are interested in real estate and much curious to know about the future of real estate in Pakistan. Potential investors are always looking up to what lies ahead and early insights can help readers know about the further shake-up in the property.

An Overview of 2018 Real Estate Industry

As 2018 is about to end, we have noted so far that real estate market is in active progress from construction perspective. At numerous places, we observed many scams and frauds. Real estate market has proved to be one of the best investments in 2018 with attractive returns and lower tax. The real estate market in 2018 seemed to be a competition for all the property dealers and builders who wanted to grow significantly in market.

When it comes to the current market condition, from the last month, property rates are going a bit low due to the extension in real estate platform that allows people to get more chances of property investment and making it an asset for them.

Property Tax Announcement and the Ultimate Behavior of Buyers and Sellers

With the announcement of current property tax of more than 5 Lacs for those who buy land, property trend is expected to decrease but this decline is not expected to be a long-term one. The tax varies according to the investment range that one makes. People are trying to find solution of this issue and discuss the matter with their property consultants to contribute towards the stability of the real estate market.

When it comes to real estate about Pakistan, it seems more like a market of buyers than the sellers. The fact is, residential or commercial properties for sale are always more in number than the number of buyers. The actual buyers are normally waiting for the prices to decrease so that they can buy residential and commercial property for sale at a cheaper price. In this regard, the sellers are even more desperate than the buyers as they face difficulty in finding reliable buyers.

Normally sellers have to compromise on quality that leads to disturbance in the real estate market. After the latest 2018 tax reforms, buyers with white money are a bit difficult to find as there has been a restriction of filers on buying a property more than 50 Lacs. This is expected to help people with no tax record to avoid buying expensive properties.

2019 Real estate Market Forecast

In terms of construction, the market is expected to be stable and offer limitless opportunities. At Ali Saqlain, we discuss the safest investments with you to avoid scams. The best properties to invest in 2019 lie in Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Town Lahore mostly, considering the profitability and risk factors of these areas.

What is expected more in 2019?

It is believed that people want more western opportunities are interested to buy farmhouse lands with touch of nature, that lets the property developers to offer a wide range of natural and modern housing facilities. There are currently a lot of opportunities for buying residential or commercial properties for sale, but now people are looking for an all-in-one opportunity where people can enjoy secure investment with an attractive lifestyle and at affordable prices.

Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders provide the best property consultancy to meet all your real estate demands and keep you connected with property. We have the best team of property consultants holding expertise and the required real estate knowledge to cater your property demands perfectly.

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