10 considerations before selling your house

Selling a property is not that easy as it sounds. It is a stressful job. In order to receive a solid offer from a prospect buyer, there are few important things you must do. Industry experts and real estate consultants recommend that considering a few points before listing your house for sale can earn you expected price.

Renovating before selling is good

Renovating, remodeling, painting, repairing and redecorating can make your house more appealing and attractive and offers a good incentive. Opt for shades that makes it look bigger, better and brighter.  Experts say, a 5 percent cost of renovation can lift the value of your house up to 8 percent. Thus the home owners make 3 percent profit at the time of selling.

More light gives life to your property

For better presentation, sellers must use good lights as it enhances the beauty of house. Adequate light makes home more presentable and sounds comfy. You can try different combinations of light at various inside locations of your house.

Maintained exterior matters most

Your lawn must be well managed and the exterior of your house must be repaired, maintained and attractive as it will convince the buyer to get in and view the inside portion of your house. Most sellers invest a bit more on interior décor before selling and ignore the exterior. Seasoned real estate consultants believe that the home buyers give special consideration to the exterior for estimating offer prices.

Kitchen and bathrooms come first

Any buyer psychologically makes impression through presentation of kitchen firstly. Try to equip the kitchen or kitchenettes of your house. You can preferably install some technology-based bits and pieces to make it ultra-modern. Then come bathrooms. See and ensure that all the sanitary fittings are functional and in place. Better to replace older bathroom accessories before your real estate consultant arranges first buyer’s visit.

Cleanliness motivates the buyer

Your home must be thoroughly cleansed from interior to exterior. Pay extra attention to the cause if you occupy a house at some corner plot. Don’t let foul smell, dirty tiles and tainted carpets ruin your first impression. Always remember that first impression is the last impression. Remove all the mess from inside and outside of your house well in time.

Hiring a trustworthy consultant is mandatory

Great real estate consultants will accurately advertise your property to the target home buyers. They can guide you to optimize your house for sale and would make it convenient and easier for you. As asking the right questions and providing the right answers is the key in selling. Only the professional real estate consultants can make it happen for you.

Knowing true value of your house is a must-do job

You must evaluate the actual worth of your house. This would prevent you from overpricing or underpricing. You can get property valuation services from real estate consultants. There are a few good companies which provide free property valuation services and turn uncertainty into certainty making the selling process quite easy for you.

Collecting documents related to your property is equally good

If you are planning to sell your house you must have all relevant information, paperwork and documents. This is imperative for realizing your dream of selling. All the property papers and warranty papers for electrical fittings and electronics items should be in your possession. You must add stubs of most recently paid utility bills to the file.

 Adding at least one smart home technology gives you bonus

Smart home technologies are bonus points for your buyers. It increases the value of as well as preference for your property. So try to add at least few smart home technologies that may include security alarms and security cameras.

 A remarkable thing is to decide whether or not to offer a home warranty

Home warranty is safety for buyers and it could convince them to buy such a house that offers some home warranty. However, you must consider the other side of coin as well.  As you may have to pay price in future for offering a home warranty, so you must be clear either to offer a home warranty or not.

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